Poetry of Beauty

You love the beautiful skin you live in.

glow like sunbeams,

like the sun that never failed to rise every morning,

illuminated the skies.

Time winds, ticks became louder.

Distorted beauty pressed against my neck,

Illogical it may seem, why do I sense this so real?


“What else?” with Nespresso

They say the future of marketing lies with the essence how the brand does it’s storytelling to audiences like us. Nespresso, one of the classic examples used in during my Marketing classes, is finally in my hands! I would like to say that having a coffee machine of my own is indeed a luxurious feeling. Imagine yourself waking up to a freshly brewed coffee aroma, sipping your favorite Caramelito espresso shot, topped with a warm soya milk foam done by milk frother.  How could you not start your day right? Continue reading ““What else?” with Nespresso”

MAC Intensity Lipstick

I will be sharing my thoughts on the MAC intensity lipsticks products; Smoked Almond !M.A.C released their latest collection of lipsticks in Singapore 2016, but it was only until late 2017  Youtubers near my region starts talking about this product. I will be evaluating this product based on Pigmentation, Longevity, Texture, Application, and lastly, Product.  Continue reading