Top 3 reasons why matte lipsticks should be considered in your lipsticks collection

I’m sure by now you would have known or heard of matte lipsticks products in the market. There are several well-known matte lipsticks brands in the market such as Kat Von D, Smashbox, or other brands on the shelves you see in Sephora.

However, for the benefit of those who have yet to come in contact with matte lipsticks product, here are a few reasons why matte lipsticks should be considered in your lippies collection.

Matte lipstick stays on your lip for a really long time 

Having you been through the process of touching up on your lip color after every single meal? If this sounds familiar to your, then you are probably a lip gloss girl. However, if you are looking for a lip product that would last you throughout the day with just a single touch up, lipstick gloss isn’t the product that does such job. Staying power of a lip gloss is not comparable to a matte lipstick. I wouldn’t fault gloss lipstick to be less lasting because that’s just not its core strength.  That being said, with lesser touch up needed between meals, time is saved, and you get assured of less awkward looking lips.

You are most likely able to pull off an edgy style, that is a different style from your usual girl next door look. 

When we think of edgy style, bomber jacket, bandanas, hoop earrings, etc, would appear in our mind. The finished product of a matte lipstick on your lips gives an opaque color that is most of the time true to the packaging (what you see is what you get). Secondly, there are a few brands that provide bold colors such as deep purple shade that helps coordinate the outfit style that you want to achieve. Lip gloss is not known for doing such a job on these. If you are looking to pull off an edgy outfit, try getting matte lipsticks of either those brands I have mentioned or to decide if matte lipsticks is a thing for you, have a try on drugstore brands like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick. Bourjois matte velvet lipsticks are worth the mention for the fact that it is a drugstore product and that the finish effect is comparable to the middle to high-end brands that we all know. 🙂

Lastly, experience almost no stickiness from matte lipstick

One of the noticeable differences from a matte lipstick is that it has almost no stickiness upon application, unlike a lip gloss. It dries up almost immediately upon application. Well, that also means that there is lesser tolerance for any mistakes. If you are foreign to matte lipsticks, it does take practice to get the hang of it, just like anything in life 🙂

Have fun with it, love.

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