Happy New Year to all beautiful souls out there! In this post, you will be seeing a review of three beauty products in particular,  which I adore the most in 2017.

Stila Eye Concealer Corrector


We have all been given an impression that the beige looking concealer on that shelf can help to cover your dark circles. That is true that it can certainly cover imperfections on our faces. But, the question here to ask is, How well can your concealer conceals the imperfections ?; Dark circles/ redness around your nose/acne scars that decided to stay like an uninvited guest. Each of these shades serves a different purpose on your skin.

Shade 1, Peach Cream, with a coral undertone. Peach Cream undertone helps to neutralize blue or purple, which are most visible in the dark circle areas for those with fair/medium skin tone. However, avoid using any red undertone shades on your eyelids (speaking from experience) as most of Asians have puffy eyelids, and if you do apply any red undertones on your eyelids, it may make you look like you woke up with an allergy or had a high sodium loaded supper last night.

Shade 2, Pink Cream, with a lighter red undertone.  Pink Cream undertone brightens the eye area, specifically, to counter fatigue looking eyes. Definitely suitable for university students who are often up for all-nighters

Shade 3, Yellow Cream, with a mild-looking yellow undertone. This particular shade serves to neutralize purple or brown. This can be helpful to cover any acne scars you might have or even moles on your skin 🙂 or Hyper-pigmentation or dark spots.

Shade 4, Green Cream, mint green. This particular shade helps to counter any redness on your skin! I must say this is rather an important shade for my sensitive dry combination skin as I often have redness around my nose and cheeks. I usually use this to conceal redness on my skin in which yellow based concealer is not able to do a good job on this.

Shade 5, Orange Cream. This color does the same effect as Shade 1, but specifically effective for those with dark skin. This works well with veins and tattoos.

Shade 6, Yellow Powder. This particular product comes in a form of powder. The purpose of this is the same as a setting powder but for setting any correcting cream or to be used as an overall powder to even your skin tone.  Again, any yellow undertone helps to neutralize purple or brown.

Shade 7, Purple Powder. Similarly, this shade works best to neutralize yellow skin or to set any pink cream corrector for a brighter appearance. 🙂

My take on Stila Eye Concealer Corrector is this product is all worth every penny I paid for. I use Shade 1 and Shade 2 at my discretion to neutralize my dark circles. Why did I stop using natural shade concealer that I can just get my hands on over the counter? I have personally use a few concealer brands that come in the natural shade, it conceals but leaving you an awkward white cast over your under eye areas. Using this palette with a combination of Shade 1 and Shade 2 does not leave you with a white cast but as if you under eye circles are well maintained 🙂 Each of these products is light in texture, does not feel heavy or cakes under foundation or setting powder if you decided to go out without any foundation. I do this sometimes. 🙂 It comes with a huge mirror too.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I used to think that eyelash curler did not matter as long as the mascara that I used on my eyelashes is strong enough to hold curls. Upon trying different eyelash curlers, I realized eyelashes curler did matter if you want your curls to hold perfectly throughout the day. You need to pair your amazing mascara with the right tool to do justice to its performance.

nobrand_eyelash_Curler copy

I have done research on eyelash curlers and came to realize that how the curve of the eyelash curler is shaped matters as we all have a different shape of an eyelid. Most of the Asian eyes have a shallow eye socket as compared to the Caucasian. That being said, the curve shown in the picture above has a higher depth of curve which is very likely to fit perfectly with those with deeper eye socket.



What about the Asian eye sockets? it’s lesser in depth. Therefore, in order to have your eyelashes well perked up, you need to use an eyelash curler that is fitting to your eyes socket to get every tiny strand of eyelashes of yours curled. Shiseido eyelash curler has shallow depth of curve that is very fitting to my eyes, and am confident that it will be too for yours if you are an Asian 🙂

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder


Laura Mercier is very well known for its Translucent Setting Powder. This product contains the fine-grained powder that feels light on your skin, blends effectively on your skin, and leaves you a soft and silky finished. The amazing part of this product is that it never leaves my skin looking cakey at all. This product has a matte finish, but they do have a setting powder that offers a glowy finish if you are looking for those kinds. I personally prefer it to be matte 🙂  Most importantly, it never gets collected in my pores which is a relief because other setting powder which I’ve used over the years always settled into my pores, making my pores looking more obvious.

There will be a part II to this topic. Stay tuned! 🙂


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