Story of Zoeva founded by Zoe Boikou

When you think of Germany, the first thing that comes to your mind is never cosmetics but their technology and engineering driven-spirit. Who would have thought that Zoeva, being a German cosmetic brand, would now become one of the highlights in the cosmetic industry?

I am amazed at the performance of Zoeca Basic To Moment Blush Palette, and I know I have to research the brand. If you are into cosmetic brands, Zoeva may not be an unfamiliar name to you. Zoeva is very well known for their makeup brushes as shown below. It is considered a high-end makeup brush. Personally, I don’t own any of their brushes, but I could understand why it is this popular.

Zoeva offers different brush set, ranging from one of their popular-pick Rose Gold brushes;

Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set zoeva brushes_3

Rose Golden Complete Set Vol. 1

 zoeva brushes_1

.. and their very own Vegan Prime Set! This shows that Zoeva is also doing its part standing up against animal cruelty.

zoeva brushes_2

Who is the co-founder of Zoeva?

Yes, I am very excited to know more about the co-founder!

Zoe Boikou_1

Zoe Boikou

She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 1990, together with her family, they moved to Germany. She did not have any cosmetic background, to begin with. At the age of 15, she began learning how to become an office administrator and customer service trainer for a collectibles company until her eBay store started to boom.

What exactly drives the creation of Zoeva?

Zoeva was created in 2007. Zoe Boikou was then looking for affordable and quality brushes in Germany but she couldn’t find any brushes that fulfilled these two criteria. Although there were quality brushes in the market, she couldn’t afford of any those as it was priced at a premium.

Ceasing this opportunity, she went ahead to experiment 10 brand-free brushes from a Canadian company and decided to sell it on eBay upon confirming that these brushes are of good quality from her first-hand experience. This was the birth of her company, and the products were soon sold out, resulting in a gain in profit for the company.

First three years of her career, Zoe Boikou singled-handedly managed Zoeva’s support end to front end of the business; taking customer orders.

I believe if you have a strong passion and believe in something then you can manage almost anything. – Zoe Boikou

While business takes its flight, she had to move out of her home office, into her first official space. This was also the time she hired her first employee to assist the front end, while Zoe Boikou continued with the support end; product development and customer relationship management.

Yes!! It was only at this very juncture, Zoe Boikou learned more about cosmetic industry. It was the experience of managing her business that gave rise to her knowledge of the cosmetic industry. I believe this refers to the science and art in this industry.

Eventually, the business took off on a much bigger scale, so was her team! She understood the essence of a successful company comprises products & the intended culture of the company.

I recognised that to have a good company, it’s not only about the products but also a good culture with the right people who believe in what you’re doing. – Zoe Boikou

Since 2011, about 100,000  brushes were sold monthly.

key takeaways from I have researched about her

“It’s a very tough world [cosmetics] but I was very persistent, and I would read a lot. I had to teach myself how this world works.” 

Strive hard, beautiful souls. I hope this post brightens up your day! 🙂


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