MAC Intensity Lipstick

I will be sharing my thoughts on the MAC intensity lipsticks products; Smoked Almond !M.A.C released their latest collection of lipsticks in Singapore 2016, but it was only until late 2017  Youtubers near my region starts talking about this product. I will be evaluating this product based on Pigmentation, Longevity, Texture, Application, and lastly, Product. 

Short description of Smoked Almond:

Smoked Almond is a medium-dark pinky brown shade with a warm undertone.

High in Pigmentation, Average Longevity:

As the name of this collection suggests that product applied to your lips should be long-lasting. I must say that this collection lived up to what it claims; Intensity. It is high in pigmentation; full coverage that leaves an even

The website suggested that this product is very lasting, allow you to a long-lasting wear up to 8 hours. However, based on several tries of this product,  it does not give you an 8-hour long-lasting wear without any touchups. You need to touch up as the product fades off throughout the day as you carry out your daily activities;  drinking/ eating/ etc.

Therefore, in terms of longevity, I wouldn’t say it is extremely lasting as what it claims to be.




The product is creamy with a slight hint of gloss to finish off the look.


Product went on my lips smoothly and evenly.


The packaging of the product is a new style as compared to their traditional lipstick packaging of a bullet. I would say this is a smart way of packing their lipsticks as the cover itself tells you what it contains. Unlike its traditional lipsticks packaging, you have to check the label at the bottom of product to figure out what shade it contains. Although it doesn’t really bother me, you know its an extra step taken that could have been avoided.


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