How well do you know your country?

Most of the time, we are all familiar with places that are usually the limelight of the country. For me, it was Orchard road, Somerset, Dhoby Ghaut. All the traveling made me appreciate the little details of my country. Still, it’s never too late to discover the magic hidden in the quiet alley somewhere in Singapore!

I did a bit of walking from Tanjong Pagar to Chinatown, together with my spirit of Dora the Explorer.

I came across Littered With Books, in short, LWB, somewhere in Duxton Road. It’s a place that I’ve never been to. Most of the shophouses are closed during the day but operate in the evening. So, I’m guessing it’s a place populated with bars and eateries serving the evening crowds.

Who would have known there is a bookshop, opened in the day till evening?

Don’t you love the smell of books? The sweet smell of vanilla flowers and almonds? This place does not need any artificial aroma scents, but it’s authentic aroma coming from these books.

Unfortunately, it was inconvenient for me to take pictures or videos openly. The picture above was taken discreetly. Please don’t report me.

This bookshop consists of two stories. I love how they used cardboards to label different genre of books on the shelves.

Call me old fashioned, but this is just too genuine and simple for it to be called as an understatement in today’s ever modernized and commercial space we all live in.

Simple things in life are beautiful. Just simply because it reminds us the meaning of our existences and passions. We all could need that little reminder from time to time.

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