“What else?” with Nespresso

They say the future of marketing lies with the essence how the brand does it’s storytelling to audiences like us. Nespresso, one of the classic examples used in during my Marketing classes, is finally in my hands! I would like to say that having a coffee machine of my own is indeed a luxurious feeling. Imagine yourself waking up to a freshly brewed coffee aroma, sipping your favorite Caramelito espresso shot, topped with a warm soya milk foam done by milk frother.  How could you not start your day right? George Clooney, being the face of Nespresso, has definitely spilled over some of his charismatic vibes onto the branding.

I would like to think that George Clooney was taking a protagonist role in this advertisement filmed from an “a day in the life of George Clooney”There are a few variations to this advertisement. For the one which George Clooney acted in, or in fact, for most of the variations, the climax of the storyline always portray the revelation of the actor’s identity, after which, a swarm of ladies came running towards the star. For advertisement I watched, it was towards George Clooney.  What a way that depicts irresistible attractiveness of a coffee.

Definitely, I have no one that came swarming over me upon sipping that aromatic coffee in the morning. I owned a red Nespresso Innisia, and a complimentary pack of 16 capsules that came along in the box. It took me about two weeks to consume all the different 16 capsules. Just two days ago, I made a purchase of Our All Times Favourite over the Nespresso boutique counter at Robinson, Raffles City.  Girl, it was my first time in the Nespresso boutique. Girl, just look at the picture below:


What does this remind you?  It definitely reminded me of an Australian Tea brand named T2. If you have ever been in ION Orchard or 313@Somerset, you couldn’t not see T2’s artistic display of teas that looks similar to the picture above.

Let me show you what I mean.

Right? T2 is the brand that I first get to know during my first trip to Perth. Definitely, an intriguing layout that caught my attention from far. I love the smell of earl grey tea leaves. what about yours? 🙂

Insert my Nespresso Innisia Machine Picture 

Insert my Video 

Nespresso Innisia is a relatively easy-to-use coffee machine.

And no, you cannot just get any other capsules in the market hoping that this machine can produce coffee of different brands of capsules. Well, I am well aware that there are reusable Nespresso capsules on the market. Why would you want to run the risk of destroying your machine? Yes, it is definitely more economical to do your own coffee grinding and have it refilled upon each usage. Personally, the tradeoff of doing so is a hassle of grinding, refilling, washing the capsules, etc. I like the fact that I don’t have to do much cleaning to the capsules (this part is eliminated totally) after consuming each of original capsules. Preparation of coffee such as grinding it fine it enough is also eliminated. The original capsules can be recycled and in fact, Nespresso is encouraging its consumers to recycle used capsules.

Besides these, I like how I can control the amount of milk to add to my coffee and how strong I would like my coffee to be, anytime of the day. How about yours? How do you make your coffee? 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.42.39 PM

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