End of Internship: My two cents


With 08 August being the last day of my internship as a Digital Strategist, i could finally announce that my summer has finally began. Not Summer per se because this internship occupied more than half of my summer. So, when i say “Summer” i don’t refer to the actual starting point of summer but rather switching it’s connotations “holidays” instead. Caught ya thinking that I must have got the dates mixed up. I got your back hun. 😉

My Two Cents on Digital Strategist in an Agency:

Is marketing knowledge a compulsory to know?

Yes. But honestly, you are not required to know it in depth. I would say you need the basic, and getting the basic knowledge of what marketing concept, profiling methods (demographic? Psychographic? etc) of target audience, etc, is a MUST. Have it right at your finger tips. To end off this section, i would say to put yourself in your client’s and their target audiences’ shoes.

Do you have to be a creative person to do well ?

Yes and No. Not sure how i would want to think of this. I came to realize that creativity depends on the allowance your client can take and give. So sometimes your client direct you how they want things to be done (This is the part where it isn’t so much about your creativity per se), and other cases would be that the agency suggests the creative direction to the client. It really depends on the working style of your agency. I did get taken aback when my first creative got rejected and was then instructed to follow what the client wrote word for word even though it may not be the most correct thing to do (Sentence structure and grammatical errors). There are cases like this too so don’t be surprised.

How was it like to work in SME & Digital Advertising Agency?

I wasn’t having the time of my life during this period. I WAS confused and lost with my career direction. I looked at this industry with through the lens of an undergraduate that had zero knowledge of this space and thinking this is where the magic lies. All of the sudden, expectations and reality doesn’t coincide. It was challenging as i was suddenly put through an acceleration of multiple work tasks to accomplish concurrently. I thought i was a multi-tasker till i my carelessness struck me so badly. It was intense and challenging but it made me the person i am now and forward.

What were you mostly busy with at work?

I spent most of my time dealing with creatives work and social media management. Things like copywriting, curation of content on IG & FB, etc. I do have bits of paid media experiences with Facebook Advertising.

What are your personal takeaways from this internship?

  1. Life-defining
  2. Practice makes perfect
  3. Anything is possible. The real question you should be asking yourself is ” Is this PROBABLE?”
  4. Hard work and Heart work pay off 🙂

Best of luck!

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.42.39 PM


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